Thursday, 26 November 2015

Great start but terminally batty collection of oddities






5a. reverse of maze



8. One for Rog
Name the missing parts and you can have one for less than half a million dollars.


  1. No 1 is a ring gun (with percussion caps)

    No 2 Is a calf weaner

    No 3 is a thimble (with winder)

    No 4 Baking Moulds (look a bit oriental - Chinese?)

    No 5 : is a puzzle

    No 6 : Chinese printing block

    No 77: A fine collection of bat skulls as I've come across

    No 8: Pedals

  2. Brilliant Rog, 7 out of 8 correct, you have earned the privilege of purchasing a 24 carat gold plated racing cycle of your choice which should give you some change from half a million dollars. While number 5 could be used as a simple maze puzzle it has a security oriented purpose.

  3. Could number 5 be some sort of clock. I remember being shown a chinese maze design in which a pastille lit would take a set time for the heavy smoke to crawl through a maze. Could never see how it was supposed to work.

  4. That's a new one on me Mike, This maze measures about 8 inches across and has a couple of recesses on the back, just handy for picking it up or putting it down.

  5. The security feature of No.5 is its raised maze. The standard storage vessel for dry goods in China was about 8 inches in diameter. When the lady of the house had issued the rations for the day she would press this maze into the storage jar leaving its impression in the flour, rice etc, lift out the maze and put on the lid. If when she returned for the next day's ration she found the pattern had been disturbed, then the servants were in for a rough ride.