Thursday, 6 August 2015

My first three oddities.

Here are three items I spotted on t'web.
Your suggestions and comments are invited.
I shall provide some information about them in a few days.


I believe this to be a cordite carrier made after 1889


This is a kind of club called a 'Fisher-man's Priest' used by Anglers to stun their catch into quiessence, essential for pike.


As you say, Mike a Kepi stand  


  1. (1) Powder monkey's bucket for transporting black powder aboard ship. Circa 1800.
    (2)Brass bound wooden club. Circa 1860.
    (30 Treen Memorial to General De Gaulle. The shape of the hat is the giveaway.

  2. 1. I would have believed you entirely had you specified a later date and bucket contents. 7 points though.
    2. Technically correct, please give its purpose and the specific type of 'club'. 6 out of ten so far
    3. A much better answer than the truth, Mike. You'd stand a better chance if he doffed his hat. I'll give you 5 for making me smile.

  3. Oh, all right. It's a hat stand for a kepi. French. Mid/late 19th century.

  4. P.s. But what's it doing on TOP of a Union Flag?????

  5. Sorry Mike, I thought la Belle France became one of our colonies in 1815, and we allowed them to use stripes from the Union Flag to wave patriotically when occasion demanded - 10 points, + the 5 you'd already won. Biggest score so far for one item.