Thursday, 20 August 2015

Self explanatory curios

1.  Don't think I want to fly in this.... prefer a Sopwith Pup!

2.  How does this grab you?

3.  Pressing engagement of a literary nature?

4.  Love will find a way too ~

5.  No cutting remarks please!

6.  Irreplaceable.


  1. (1) Prototype 'people carrier' submarine. Jules Verne?????
    (2)Prosthesis false arm. Made by an armourer, somewhere in South Germany/North Italy, in around 1520 A.D. Two similar examples in the FitzWilliam Museum, Cambridge.
    (3)Printing press.
    (4)Astrolabe. Probably part of a clock dial. Possibly by Isaac Habrecht, or more probably by an Italian/German maker. Circa 1550.
    (5)Water driven fret or piercing saw.
    (6)Scottish snuff mull(?). Made from rhinoscerous horn(?) mid/late 19th century.

  2. 1. Excellent idea Mike but it's catalogued as the Airbus A390-200 conceptual air-liner.
    2. Superb Mike with much more detail than I could provide.
    3. Freudian slip Mike, I know you know it's a book-press.
    4. Very full answer Mike, I would only add that it appears to have some of its functional elements laid out in a volvelle, which category includes the analogue clock dial you mention.
    5. I'm sure you're right again although I had thought it might be a steam powered monster of a fret/piercing saw.
    6. No sign of a lid, so it's more likely a drinking vessel of rhino horn. 55 out of 60 points allowing for the additional info.