Friday, 14 August 2015

What are these?

Date and purpose?

Where from and carved from what?

Material and specific application?

Guess where this work-bench came from and what work was performed at it.


  1. .(1) Need a size, please. It is a cello case or a double base case. 19th century.
    (2) Rhino horn, Chinese paint brush cleaning cup - or libation cup.
    (3) Cast iron - linen smoothing weight.
    (4) Cobblers bench for cutting leather out.

  2. P.s. 4 might be from one of the Leicester Museums.

  3. 1. Spot on Mike ~ Cello case dated 1804.
    2. Right again, Mike ~ medicinal rhino-horn drinking vessel ~ libation cup.
    3. Right as far as it goes but this was used on a woolen table cloth....
    4. three words are right ~ but forget 'cobbler's... leather out'

  4. You'd have to be mad to work at this bench ~ but it's money for old rope...

  5. I see where your coming from but my clue was a bit more literal ~ The bench was taken from the Leeds Lunatic Asylum where inmates would stand at these for hours a day, chopping old ropes and hawsers into tow to be remade into new rope. But on Sundays they had the lighter task of chopping up old clothes for making mungo and shoddy, types of reconstituted cloth. Re-cycling isn't a modern idea.

  6. 3. the smoothing iron is made of cast-iron and its specific purpose was for ironing the baize on billiard tables.